Our Mission

MHFA Mission

Is to provide opportunity and inclusion to minorities, women, and cannabis felons in the

Michigan hemp industry through education, training, and an active role in all hemp

legislation, policy, and rules.


We’re here to make you feel less alone.

The Michigan Hemp Farmer Association is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) that encourages its members with the resources and knowledge needed to succeed in growing hemp. We support small farms with 5 acres or less to assist them in the knowledge of growing and processing hemp.

We are a grassroots organization made up of small, trusted hemp farmers and hemp business owners who are committed to supporting our members through training, education and lobbying on a state and federal level. We’re one of the few hemp farmer resource groups in the state of Michigan.

The association was founded to offset the very corporate culture of large cannabis trade shows and provide a safe haven for learning and community. Here, we just want to encourage and support small hemp farmers.

The bottom line? We put people over profits, always.

Why We Are Committed

We are, first and foremost, farmer oriented. The Michigan Hemp Farmer Association was started to give a voice to small farmers at a regional, state and federal level while encouraging and educating craft hemp farmers. Our founder, Joe Brown, had one of the first federal licenses to farm hemp and has continued to be a trailblazer in the industry ever since.

Joe Brown is dedicated to this family of craft hemp farmers. (In fact, he created the term craft hemp farmers!) Our goal is to introduce folks to legal, industrial hemp as a source of income in a protective and productive way.

The Michigan Hemp Farmer Association is, as Joe Brown describes it, a safe organization that shows people how to get into the hemp industry, from beginning to end.

The association also provides support for these farms to grow and distribute their own products, like food and cosmetics, in addition to providing hemp for processing.

The association offers classes, seminars and forums to learn more about and discuss the business and art of hemp farming. The community generated through these discussions is strong and viable.

You may wonder why hemp farmers got together and created an organization that encourages other hemp farmers to get into the business.

It’s because we love it so much! We want to strengthen and inspire other growers and processors to create a vibrant industry.

We are especially passionate about fostering diversity within the hemp farming community.

Women and people of color are traditionally underrepresented in the hemp farming industry, and we want to change that. We will go out of our way to encourage you and provide resources to grow in hemp farming industry.

The Michigan Hemp Farmer Association is committed to promoting the industrial and medicinal use of hemp.

The association also works to lobby lawmakers to protect and shape industrial hemp laws, especially for craft hemp farmers.

Every question you have regarding the hemp farming industry and getting started can be answered here at the Michigan Hemp Farmer Association. We’re ready to help you start and expand your craft hemp farming business.

Join Us

Everyone at the Michigan Hemp Farmer Association looks forward to you joining us! If the idea of a community of like-minded individuals in the hemp growing industry excites you, the association is the perfect place for you. From navigating acquiring a license from the state department of agriculture to finding the perfect hemp plant for your farm, we’re ready to assist you and help your business grow. To join our association or for more information, call (616) 902-4666 or fill out our contact form.

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