Hemp Farming in Michigan

Welcome to the Michigan Hemp Farmer Association! Founded in 2014 by Joe Brown, the association is committed to providing resources for craft hemp farmers. As a grassroots organization, Michigan Hemp Farmer Association lifts up small-scale hemp farmers and gives them a voice in local, state and federal governments.

Your membership to the Michigan Hemp Farmer Association will provide you with endless tools and like-minded individuals who share your passion for hemp farming. In addition to seminars and a sense of community, the association helps shape hemp farming laws on a regional, state and national level.

The Michigan Hemp Farmer Association is committed to providing a gateway for people, especially women and minorities, to begin or continue growing hemp in Michigan. We encourage people to enter the hemp farming industry legally.

If you are a small craft hemp farmer with 5 acres or less, this is the perfect organization for you to join! We also welcome anyone interested in the industry, from those with hemp products to those harvesting hemp.

MHFA Membership

Growing hemp can be a lonely and isolating experience when you don’t have the proper network of industry experts and enthusiasts. It can also be difficult for women and people of color to break into the industry. We want to change that and create an active community of hemp farmers to share experiences.

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Each personal membership is $50 per year,
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We are committed to informing, educating and training our members.

Your personal membership allows access to three training sessions for the year. These sessions are designed specifically for small craft hemp farms of 5 acres or less. However, the information presented and access to the community will be beneficial for all hemp farmers and hemp-related businesses.

The sessions include the basics of hemp farming to hemp industry business insights. You’ll learn about the growing, processing, manufacturing and distributing of craft hemp.

By becoming a member of the Michigan Hemp Farmer Association, not only will you have access to a hemp farming community, but you will help shape laws focusing on industrial hemp.

Your membership and support will help us protect and shape industrial hemp laws, which will in turn protect your farm and expand the industry safely.