Volunteer Advisory Board

Meet the volunteer advisory board of the Michigan Hemp Farmer Association! This board helped start the organization from scratch and continues to be a driving force behind the association today.

Father Joe Brown, Executive Director MHFA

Hemp/Cannabis Lobbyist # A 015581-2

Malcolm Culmer

Malcolm Culmer was born in Arlington, Texas. After going to 4 different high schools in D.C. Maryland and Virginia area he studied Forensic Science at Prince Georges Community College. After relocating to Virginia Malcolm studied Computer Science at Strayer University. Malcolm started his entrepreneur journey and ran a marketing firm in Baltimore, Maryland for 3 years. He then learned more as he started a rental car business in Northern Kentucky. Malcolm has always been passionate about cannabis and what it could do for people if legalized. Malcolm decided to relocate to Grand Rapids Michigan to make a large impact on the cause in 2021 and recently was approved for licensing for an Adult-Use Retailer, located in Saranac, MI. With Malcolm’s love for developing people and providing opportunities, he looks forward to playing a positive role in Michigan.

Josh Benington

Josh Benington is a Native of the state of Michigan. He studied business & Psychology at Western Michigan University. Was charged for cannabis use in his youth and is an advocate for legal use and cultivation for all Americans. A strong supporter of the mental health benefits that cannabis provides in his family. He had two years of hands-on experience with the growing process of hemp at the Brown Farm.

Tasha Rountree

Tasha Rountree is a native Daytonian, who studied Sociology with an emphasis on Human Services. She relocated to Michigan to become a patient and later studied cultivation, processing, and culinary at Grassroot University. Ms. Rountree took everything she learned and became one of the most impactful advocates in Ohio. Currently, her company has expunged over 700 court records, while providing wrap-around services.

Nur Uddin

Hempcrete and Hemp Plastic Scientific Advisor

Mr. Uddin is a Graduate Research Assistant at Fiber and Biopolymer Research Institute at Texas Tech University. His research is focused on hemp-based fibers and bioproducts.

Jeff Vega

Legislative Advisor