Volunteer Advisory Board

Meet the volunteer advisory board of the Michigan Hemp Farmer Association! This board helped advise and guide the association since its conception and continues to be a driving force behind the association today

Joe Brown, Director of the MHFA

Hemp/Cannabis Lobbyist # A 015581-2

Colleen Leifker, Cannabis Activist


Nate Reyna, President of South Side Heaven


Shana Griffin is a Sales and Business Development Executive at Michigan Medical Hemp.

I joined the Industry in 2018. Bringing with me years of agricultural experience and a yearning to learn. Prior to MMH I bring with me a degree in business management and background in Marketing Engineering and Manufacturing. I look forward to using my combined experience to promote the use of Industrial Hemp. My education to the community will reach beyond just growing. I also look forward to involving the youth and encourage future farmers. Hemp is one of the greatest, most important substances of our nation . May it spread like wild flower.