Volunteer Advisory Board

Meet the volunteer advisory board of the Michigan Hemp Farmer Association! This board helped start the organization from scratch and continues to be a driving force behind the association today.

Father Joe Brown, Executive Director MHFA

Hemp/Cannabis Lobbyist # A 015581-2

Tasha Rountree

Tasha Rountree is a native Daytonian, who studied Sociology with an emphasis on Human Services. She relocated to Michigan to become a patient and later studied cultivation, processing, and culinary at Grassroot University. Ms. Rountree took everything she learned and became one of the most impactful advocates in Ohio. Currently, her company has expunged over 700 court records, while providing wrap-around services.

Kevin Butler

Hello, my name is Kevin Butler, I was born and raised in Lansing Michigan. I grew up like most kids, hit my teenage years and got with the wrong crowd so to speak. By my early 20’s I found myself behind bars and to say the least that to me was my wake- up call. When I came home I had to change my life to make my place on this earth better for myself and my family. I started my own lawn care business in 2012 and still worked for another company at this time, working Mon- Thursday with that company and doing my business on the weekends. By 2018, I was able to venture off on my own and added a snow plow now it’s called LAWN BARBER’S OF LANSING, I do lawn care and snow removal which mind you I love to do. I have been an advocate of the hemp and marijuana industry since the beginning.

Respectfully yours Kevin Butler

Ken Day

Ken Day is the owner, main grow consultant of Clearwater Botanical
Ministries .  After studying business at Northwood University in Michigan in
the early 2000s, Ken spent time sharpening his growing skills in the
Colorado mountains. By 2012, He operated one of the first black owned
dispensaries in Michigan. In 2013 he was hired as a grow consultant for
The Michigan Hemp Company where he continued to make history….
In December of 2014, a major event shifted the cannabis paradigm,
presenting a big opportunity for him and a handful of elite growers.
President Barack Obama signed the Hemp Law into legislation.  Ken,
already having being in the marijuana business in Michigan saw this as a
major opportunity. “I closed my dispensary while the unpredictable war on
marijuana was going on.  My partner and I put our focus on the Hemp and
CBD industry.  By 2015, Ken was elected to the board of of The Michigan
Hemp Company, spoke and hosted many medical marijuana events and
worked with state law makers on cannabis legislation.
In spring of 2015, they became one of the first companies to obtain a
federal hemp license, through Kentucky’s Hemp Pilot Program. “The
federal permit gave us an upper hand in getting licenses in our home state
of Michigan, Kentucky, Colorado and other states involved with hemp.”
This also led to becoming licensed members of both the Michigan and
Kentucky Department of Agriculture. This allowed the company to legally
research, manufacture, produce and sell hemp and CBD products.
 2011 One of Michigans first black dispensary owners (Mr. Nice Guy;
Lansing, MI)
 2012 Drafted the petition to decriminalize medical marijuana in East
Lansing Michigan
 2014 Hired in as The Michigan Hemp Company’s lead cannabis
 2015 elected to the board of The Michigan Hemp Company
 Lobbying and consulting for Mi-Legalize, the organization responsible
for medical marijuana legislation
 First black farmer in the National Hemp Association since it was
criminalized in 1937
 Master grower and grow consultant
 2018 Elected to the board of The Indigenous Hemp Education
 Hosts interactive online grow courses

Jaylan O’Neal

Jaylan O’Neal is a Five-Star Budtender and Musician, He has been and continues to be a longtime supporter of legal cannabis and hemp.